Refactoring large inefficient apex triggers

I recently got an opportunity to work on an effort related to Triggers/Flow refactoring. The trigger on an object has grown so much that it was almost impossible to put any new logic involving SOQL or FOR loops. The issue was governor limits around the number of SOQLs & CPU time limit. There were n … Read more

JavaScript Developer 1 Certification

There are 2 parts of this certification , Salesforce JavaScript MCQ and LWC Superbadge. MCQ needs to be given in a proctored environment & Superbadge can be done at home/remote at any time (no supervision required) . Here is the link to get started on the superbadge You can pass this exam without any … Read more

Using 3rd party AppExchange APIs without additional licenses

I recently came across a requirement to generate an excel file for a community user. The file is generated by leveraging a 3rd party AppExchange product’s API. The file can be generated only when the context user has a license assigned to it . We did not want to give license to the community user … Read more