JavaScript Developer 1 Certification

There are 2 parts of this certification , Salesforce JavaScript MCQ and LWC Superbadge. MCQ needs to be given in a proctored environment & Superbadge can be done at home/remote at any time (no supervision required) . Here is the link to get started on the superbadge

You can pass this exam without any actual project experience. Yes, you heard it right, without any actual project experience. You can prepare for this exam by learning JavaScript concepts & applying these concepts in JavaScript snippets by yourself. There was no question from LWC in the MCQ exam. I didn’t had any JavaScript project experience when I passed this exam.

How I prepared for this exam?

  1. Completed the superbadge before preparing for the MCQ
  2. Studied 1 hour daily for 2 months
  3. Prepared notes and did continuous revision of the concepts (helpful if you don’t have any work experience in JavaScript)
  4. Getting my hands dirty by playing with the snippets in the chrome dev console
  5. Solved many JavaScript snippet related questions
  6. Did all the trailheads related to JavaScript

Watch this youtube video for any other information about this exam

Question I got in the exam were related to the following topics (which I remember :)) : scope of var variable , async await , white box testing and black box testing , pop event in the browser API , events related to Node JS(emit & on method) , string substitution in console methods , JavaScript Hoisting

I read all the below content before starting on the preparation (Definitely will be helpful to you as well)

JavaScript questions for practice

Best Place to start on the JavaScript concepts is the following youtube video by Nikhil Karkara

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